Hours, Pricing & Maps



Mon-Thu:   5pm-11pm
Fri:   5pm-  1am
Sat:  11am-  1am
Sun:  11am-11pm

If we’re empty at one hour prior to close, we may elect to close early - if you’re planning to arrive within 2 hours of the end of our business day, please call ahead.


Admission for arcade entry:

$15 – all day access with re-entry


$10 – 1 hour

All arcades, pins, and consoles included.

You may enter without paying only if you do not plan to play the games and you’re escorting children ages 9-14. Please consider, though, that you would pay admission at a museum or Great America even though your only reason for entry was to accompany your children.

All children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Children 8 and under must have a parent playing directly with them.

The Underground must insist on adequate adult supervision of children ages 8 and under; to support this goal, admission for a parent with child 8 or under is $5. This discount is given under the pretense that you will spend your visit sharing in your child’s arcade experience, helping them to understand and enjoy these classic games.

Pinball for guests under 14 only with direct adult supervision. Please ensure your child (or the other adults around you for that matter…) does not flip the flippers just to make the noise, or tries to pull the plunger out trying to get a faster ball launch,  or that the machine isn’t abandoned mid-game. Unlike the arcades, pins are very delicate, cost 10 times as much, and require constant maintenance. Thank you in advance for your assistance in preserving them so all may enjoy.

Extended Passes:

$ 39** week
$ 89** month  (incl 2 single guest passes)
$350 annual  (incl 6 single guest passes)

** all multi-day passes are upgradable: you can apply what you paid towards the next level pass;  special tournament rules apply to multi-pass entrants – see tournament for details

Groups larger than 15 – special rates available; advance purchase of all passes required to receive discount – call ahead!

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Public parking in green areas, below. Do not park in red area. Please enter Retrocade through Main Street entrance.